May 29, 2018


Working with advisors throughout the country, I have seen a few agendas in my day.


They tend to fall into a couple of categories:


  1. Always the same and too vague

  2. Super specific and overly technical

  3. Customized, requiring a lot of time to create




Let's talk about each type of agenda and the challenges they pose.



-If your agendas for every meeting are always the same and very general, you are not communicating to the client that you have something relevant and important to share with them. These types of agendas don't motivate clients to action and you may have trouble getting them to come in for the meetings.


-Super-specific and overly technical agendas tend to be focused on the thing you are good at. This type of agenda might have a lot of investment jargon or show your desire to sell them more product by letting them know how smart you are. If you are sharing these with the clients, they are likely to glaze over and not be interested.


-Customized agendas sound like a fantastic idea. You can comb through the client's data and determine everything that is as of yet undone and build an agenda around this. The problem is, that this is not very scalable. It requires that you, the advisor, spend significant time in advance of the meeting researching and creating these agendas. That requires a lot of coordination and can easily double the amount of time you spend preparing for a meeting.


My approach to agendas…



Step 1. Define comprehensive financial planning for YOUR ideal client.

Step 2. Break those deliverables into distinct categories such as: planning,

investments, insurance etc. 

Step 3. Determine how many meetings you will offer your ideal clients.

Step 4. Align the categories with your meetings to create themed meetings.

Step 5. Create template agendas for each of the themed meetings and share with the client prior to the meeting.



Let me tell you why this approach works so well. First of all, it ensures that you actually deliver comprehensive planning to your client and you don't miss anything. It creates themed meetings that clients understand and it will motivate them not to miss a meeting or they miss the material. And finally it allows you and your staff to dive deep into the topic of the day and do an even better job for the client.


These simple but themed agendas are actionable for YOU, your STAFF and the CLIENT. It allows you all to be prepared to discuss the topics of the day and not have to chase the rabbit down all the holes!



This post is pretty technical. If you want to ask questions or share your perspective, join us in The Intentional Advisor Mastermind! Hope to see you there! 

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