What Kind of Advisor are YOU? Take the Quiz!

December 19, 2017




Want to take a little quiz to find out what kind of advisor you are?


Do any of these thoughts occur to you on a regular basis?

A. The company should really invest in this new (X) so we can do our jobs better.

B. I really want to hit Chairmans Club so I can get the trip to (Y)!

C. I don’t care about their incentives, this isn't right for my client!

D. I hope I get a raise this year!

E. What do you mean I have to pay my own assistant!? I am a top producer!

F. I don't understand why I can't start producing my own BLOG…I can't stand this corporate propaganda we call marketing material.



Okay, the moment of truth…

👉If you catch yourself saying A&D, you are likely an Employee Advisor.

👉If B&E sound familiar, I'd call you a Salesman Advisor.

👉And If C&F are your regular refrains, you are an Entrepreneurial Advisor.


I want to start by saying we need all three types of advisors and I think there is a lot of pain and heartache in not recognizing what kind of advisor you are.


An advisor in the wrong position for their temperament and desire can be disastrous for the advisor and the company.


If an Employee Advisor is pushed to be a salesman, he/she is going to potentially feel like a fraud and feel pressure to produce that they find stifling. 🤢


A Salesman Advisor that is not given enough incentives is going to feel taken advantage of. 👎


An Entrepreneurial Advisor is likely to be pissed at the world until he/she can have the freedom to express their vision.😡


Who are you and who do you aspire to be?


Your current position doesn't define which type of advisor you are deep down. I am sharing these categories to help you look at yourself objectively and ask what makes you happy. Don't try to be who you are not.


💰Don't take the job with the good salary, if you want to run the show…conflict will ensue.

⚖️Don't try to start your own Indy practice if you just want to be the rain maker…you will be frustrated to no end by the demands of running a business.

🗑Don't take the commission only position if asking for the sale makes your stomach turn.


Accept who you are!💎


There is great and meaningful work to be done by all 3 types of advisors.


Fantastic companies with vision need Employee Advisors to do the client facing work.


The industry is built on the Salesman Advisor and as long as the client's needs come before the companies goals, you can do incredible work!


I am an Entrepreneurial Advisor. That was true even when I was with a captive broker-dealer. It is just who I am. And it caused a lot of conflict for many years! I could not even listen to the latest sales competition because it pissed me off to be influenced by company goals. I wanted to serve the clients that fit me, not the corporate objectives. I resented the"help" they wanted to give me to sell better.

I had a vision of running a practice with PURPOSE and on PURPOSE. I wanted my own office, my own team, to business my own way. These things were and are non-negotiable. 🌈


I have said for years that I am literally unemployable. There is no amount of money that would induce me to accept a salary. That feels like slavery to me. I would rather eat Ramen Noodles and work twice as much than be owned by a company. 🔗


But not everyone is like me! That is fabulous! 😜


There is a place for every kind of advisor!


I would encourage you to get really clear on who you are and who you want to be! Accept that and build your career/accordingly!


With Purpose,











What kind of advisor are you? Come share your perspective with us in The Intentional Advisor Mastermind private Facebook group!



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