Do I have to have a Paypal account? 


No!  Paypal is a secure payment processing system.  You can use any credit cardcard or your Paypal account, if you have one.  You do not need an account to purchase on the site.   If you have any challenges with the checkout page, try switching web browsers.  Let us know if you have any payment related issues! 

​Is this Broker Dealer Approved? 

The Financial Life Organizer components have been approved by many different Broker Dealers.  I cannot tell you for sure if your Broker Dealer will approve it.  We advise you to add the appropriate disclosures to every document and submit it to your compliance department for approval.  If you have any specific compliance related issues, please let us know. 

What if I don't like it? 

The Financial Life Organizer process is delivered to you electronically immediately upon payment.  Because all value is received upfront, we don't offer refunds.  However, we want you to be happy, so if there are extenuating circumstances, let us know! 

Do I get an actual binder? 

In the Financial Life Organizer Online Training, I give you the electronic templates to print your own documents and the training on how to put it together and use it in your practice.  You are responsible for sourcing your own printed material and binders.

Can I use this for my whole office? 

We ask that every producing advisor purchases the Financial Life Organizer Online Training for themselves.  The legalese contract includes a license to use the materials in your practice and would be related to one specific advisor, not an entire office of advisors.  We do make an exception for a junior advisor or administrative staff.  Those people are part of your support team and I would highly encourage you to include them in any TIA training. 


If you have questions about any of these FAQ's or anything else related to the Financial Life Organizer Online Training, email us at: Connect@TheIntentionalAdvisor.com.

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