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It was just an average Friday afternoon and then I got "the call."  You know "the call" that makes you feel like you have been punched in the gut when you hear a dear client has just passed away?


This time, it was a client who I had worked with for over 12 years.  They found him just hours ago and here was his wife on the phone with me.  

She was distraught, in shock, lost…the only thing she knew is that she was holding her Financial Life Organizer and she knew she was supposed to call me. 

I don't know exactly what is going to happen in a client's life, but I know that things are not always going to go as planned.  


  • There could be an accident that leaves someone in the hospital.

  • There could be a environmental emergency that requires them to evacuate their homes.

  • There could  be an unexpected death.



Even though I don't have a crystal ball, I can make a pretty educated guess that a day will come that will be emotionally challenging and the stress of the moment will be compounded by the lack of organized financial documents. 


Over 10 years ago, I implemented the Financial Life Organizer process in my practice.  Every single planning client not only has a Financial Life Organizer, but I hold them accountable to actually putting it together and keeping it up-to-date.  


This process and the ongoing value it provides has both helped me acquire clients and keep them over the years.   It has also put me at the center of their life exactly when they need me…when everything goes wrong.

The Financial Life Organizer Online Training is for you if you want to…

Deliver concrete value to your clients.

Get both spouses engaged in the financial planning process.

Do better planning because you understand the whole picture.

Be a resource for the spouse or children if a client passes away.

Work with clients to engage the next generation. 

Your Practice Redefined

Imagine a practice where every single client had their entire financial life organized and brought the entire snapshot into your office every time you met. 


Imagine the confidence that your clients would feel knowing that their financial life was organized and that their beneficiaries had a resource and a partner helping them sort out their estate.  


Imagine the peace of mind your client would feel knowing that their less financially savvy partner would have a trusted resource if something happened.  


Imagine how valuable it would be for the next generation to join your clients in your office to talk about what to do in the case of an emergency.  

You are smart. 

You could build your own Financial Life Organizer process.  

But for the fraction of the value of one new client, you can get immediate access to a turn-key process that will increase the value of your work for every single client!


Online Training

Through this self-paced online training, you will receive everything you need to fully implement the Financial Life Organizer process and start delivering tangible value to your clients right away!



In this module, you will learn about all the components of the Financial Life Organizer process and the logic behind the process design. 


The Financial Life Organizer is a tool and you have to learn to position it correctly with your clients so that they receive the maximum value out of the process.  You will learn exactly how to guide your clients through completing the Financial Life Organizer and using it as a multi-generational planning tool. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn from those who came before!  In this FAQ, you will hear the answers to the most asked questions about how to position and implement this process most effectively in your practice. 


You will receive lifetime access to the three video training modules along with all of the other materials. 


  • 6-Editable Checklists you can brand for your practice

  • Custom Tab-Layout you can take right to your local printer

  • 15-Page Electronic Supplement to take the whole process to the next level.  Perfect for your younger more tech. savvy clients. 

  • Printable Course Presentation Slides for easy note-taking.


Anyone who is serious about implementing something new is going to have questions.  Within the course itself, you will have the opportunity to comment and ask questions at any time.  We are here to support you doing the work!


Lucila Williams?

If you are new to The Intentional Advisor community, I want to welcome you and introduce myself.  I am Lucila Williams,  the founder of The Intentional Advisor and a financial advisor, just like you!  Everything I share with you is a tool or process that I developed and tested in my own practice in Denver, Colorado since 2004. 

I have always been passionate about making a difference in client's lives and also about building a efficient business.   It wasn't until 2016 that on the insistence of some of my colleagues, I started sharing my processes with other advisors.


I founded The Intentional Advisor to help you build your practice with purpose and on purpose with integrity, delivering value and giving the gift of confidence to your clients!


What I love most about the Financial Life Organizer process is that it creates ongoing tangible value to my clients AND it puts me at the center of their financial life, now and in the case of an emergency. I think that is what we are all looking for, isn't it?

With Purpose,

You know that you want to add more value and expand your services beyond just investments and insurance, but the idea of a massively overhauling your practice rebuilding your client service model from scratch can be overwhelming. 


The Financial Life Organizer process can be added onto your existing business without the growing pains involved in rethinking the whole thing.  

If you are ready to position yourself as the center of your client's financial world you should sign-up for the

Financial Life Organizer Online Training:

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