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I don't know enough about The Intentional Advisor to know if it is right for me. 

That is why we start the process with a 30 minute Introduction to The Intentional Advisor Call.  You will have an opportunity to see for yourself how it works and decide if it appeals to you BEFORE making a financial commitment of any sort.

I don't know which package is right for me. 

The great news is that you don't have to worry about getting it right the first time. Each package has an upgrade privilege that will allow you to credit 100% of your purchases toward a larger package if you discover that you need more help than you realized. You have 30 days from the purchase of DISCOVER and 60 days from the purchase of ENGAGE to upgrade with a full credit.

How long will it take? 

The DISCOVER Package is the work-at-your-own-pace option. ENGAGE will take approximately 8 weeks and PARTNER will take about 12 weeks depending on schedules of the advisor and The Intentional Advisor.

What if I don't like it? 

As a consulting firm, The Intentional Advisor has two things for sale: intellectual property and coaching time.   We do not offer a money back guarantee on the DISCOVER Package because immediately upon purchase you receive the full value of the investment: the materials.  For the ENGAGE and PARTNER packages it is a little different.  If you decide by the half way mark in the coaching sessions (2 sessions for ENGAGE and 3 sessions for PARTNER) that this is not a good fit for you, you can keep the materials and you will be released from any further commitment to pay for the second half of the engagement.  You will not receive any more coaching sessions or final deliverables, but you are not obligated to pay the remainder of the balance.  We hope that this policy is fair to everyone involved.  We want to keep your risk low and the value you receive high.   We hope that you would work with us to solve any potential issues if they do arise.  Bottom line is that we want you to be happy!

What if I don't want to do it EXACTLY the same way that The Intentional Advisor does it? 

This is about building your own High-Value, Client-Centric, Comprehensive Financial Planning EXPERIENCE, not replicating ours.  If you want to keep things simple and use our turn-key system that is just fine, but we expect you to want to make your own mark on your process.  The process was designed around what Lucila has been doing in her practice for over 10 years. As a result, there is some real time-tested wisdom embedded into the process.   We will let you know why every piece of the process is the way it is and then you have the choice of how you will implement it in your practice.

It is more than I expected to spend. 

The Intentional Advisor packages have been strategically priced to meet the needs of advisors in different phases of their career.  The price of each package corresponds to approximately 1-2 new fee paying clients for each type of advisor, new, established and mature. This work has the potential to revolutionize your practice and prepare you for a whole new wave of success and fulfillment in your work.  We believe that the value you get from each package, FAR exceeds the cost of 1-2 new clients!

Is this process broker dealer approved? 

The answer is YES. It has been approved my many broker dealers, but it is your responsibility to make sure that it works for YOUR broker dealer.  The process itself should not need B/D approval, but any emails and marketing material that you intend to use with your clients should be reviewed by your B/D and all compliance processes should be followed.

Will you train my staff? 

We recognized that staff training is very important.  All initial engagements are with the advisor/advisors only.  If you choose the ENGAGE and PARTNER packages, you can retain The Intentional Advisor to develop a presentation based on your new process and present it to your staff.  Sometimes when there is change, it is best delivered by someone that has utilized the process and can speak to the real-life benefits.  We believe that staff buy-in is very important and would love to be part of getting your team "on board." Check with The Intentional Advisor for current pricing.

I have several advisor colleagues that who are interested in working with The Intentional Advisor., Can you offer us a discount? 

We believe that helping advisors build a High-Value, Client-Centric, Comprehensive Financial Planning EXPERIENCE serves everyone: the client, the advisor, the staff, and the industry.  We want to help and we want to make this affordable for advisors at all stages in their practices.  We designed the ENGAGE Study Group to allow advisors from different practices or B/Ds to team up and get the advantage of a volume discount.  If you organize a minimum of 3 advisors (maximum of 8), you can get the ENGAGE level training for a total of $2000 each and build an accountability study group in the process.  This is a great option for price-sensitive advisors that who are very serious about building advice-based practices.

Why isn't the use of the Discovery EXPERIENCE included in the packages? 

The concept of the Discovery EXPERIENCE is discussed at length in The Intentional Advisor EXPERIENCE Manual and an example is shown.  We want you to have a compelling and emotionally significant initial meeting, but we do not assume that everyone will want to fully incorporate the Discovery EXPERIENCE into their practices. You may want to create your own initial experience. The Discovery EXPERIENCE is more than just a worksheet; it is an entire process unto itself.  We chose to create a separate training and licensing process for this product so that it gets the focus and energy that it deserves.  We also believe that you should customize it to match your brand and that takes time and collaboration to create.  This logic also applies to the Financial Life Organizer.  The concept is outlined at length in the material, but there is a separate licensing and training process for that as well.

Can I get editable versions of the manual? 

Editable versions of the manual are provided as a bonus for the ENGAGE and PARTNER packages.   If you are choosing the DISCOVER Package, the assumption is that you want an outline to follow, but you will ultimately be creating your own process from scratch.

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