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Build deeper connections and get hired in the first meeting.

Does this sound familiar?

I can remember it like it was yesterday.


I had recorded sales scripts that my broker-dealer gave me and was listening to them on repeat in the car.  I had to get them down, word-for-word, to get hired as an advisor.  Not only did they need to be memorized, but they also had to be delivered with flair! 


You know, like they were my own words.


But they weren't my words and it made me feel like a salesman - not the professional that I wanted to be.  I sat down with families that I sincerely wanted to help, wearing my standard issue "banker suit" at my faux Cherrywood desk, and attempted to have a heart-felt conversation with someone else's scripted words.  It was inauthentic at best.  Manipulative is another word that comes to mind.


After a few years, I just couldn't do it anymore.  I went looking for a more authentic, meaningful initial meeting process and I found one that I delivered for years.  It was deeper, it was more meaningful, but it was sometimes awkward for the client and once again…it was scripted.  I was back to listening to recordings in the car and trying to internalize someone else's words. 


Soon after I went independent and started my own practice, I said, "ENOUGH!"  No more scripts, no more overcoming objections, no more pretending to be someone I’m not. At that moment in my career, I decided to design a process that would be emotionally compelling, easy to deliver, and allow me to be me.


The Discovery EXPERIENCE was born.  And I’ve never looked back.

Don't be "that guy."

Do you know what the "other guys" are doing?


If you walk into the average financial advisor’s office, the initial meeting is going to go one of three ways:


"Welcome to my office. Tell me what you are looking for and I will jot it down on my handy yellow pad here."


"Welcome to my office. Let me tell you all about how I will invest your money. By the way, how much money do you have?"


"Welcome to my office. Let's start by talk about why you need more insurance."

Here's the problem with each approach.




You look a tad unprofessional and it's not easy to see what you can do for the client.

You sound like every other asset-gatherer out there who is more interested in the account than the person.

It is crystal clear that you are looking for an opportunity to sell something...ANYTHING!

Now, imagine an initial meeting process that would...

The Discovery EXPERIENCE is an emotionally compelling initial meeting that will enable you to build deeper relationships quickly and get hired in the first meeting while staying true to who YOU are.


During The Discovery EXPERIENCE, you will walk the potential client through a process that will:


  1. Uncover their FEARS.

  2. Explore their deepest VALUES.

  3. Identify their short and long-term GOALS.

  4. Document their RESOURCES.

  5. Make a compelling offer to ENGAGE.

How The Discovery EXPERIENCE 

Will Completely Change Your Practice.

By the end of The Discovery EXPERIENCE, it will be clear to everyone in the room if it makes sense to work together or not!

Here's the best part:


If they are NOT a good fit for your practice, they walk away feeling like they got a lot of value out of the meeting. They are prepared to move forward on their own and have a positive impression of you that they will communicate to the referrer or even someone else that might be a good fit for your practice. The result? Your business grows with more of your ideal clients.


If they ARE a good fit, you now have an outline of the financial plan you will create for them.  You are ready to move forward, get paid, and deliver above and beyond their expectations. They’re motivated and feel comforted, knowing they’re in good hands. A long-term professional relationship has begun!

The Intentional Advisor

Lucila Williams

Hello and welcome to The Intentional Advisor Discovery EXPERIENCE!

I'm Lucila and I'm incredibly excited to share this life-changing practice with you. I'm confident that it will change the way you engage with new clients and will allow you to show up as your authentic self - not a scripted automaton.

Everything I am sharing with you was created in my own practice because I needed a better way to do business.  For years I had advisor colleagues asking me to share my practice management processes and ideas.  In 2016, I finally gave in and founded The Intentional Advisor.  I have developed an entire practice management philosophy that enables advisors to build their practices with PURPOSE and on PURPOSE. 

I have been consulting with practices around the country.  The response has been amazing, but I just have one problem:  There isn't enough of me to go around!  Sure, I could just keep hiking up my prices and just work with elite advisors, but that isn't what ultimately drives me.

I see myself in so many advisors; the ones who want to truly help their clients while running an efficient and profitable business. The result is that I’ve had to find a way to help more advisors in a more accessible way.

I decided the solution to the problem was found in technology; I could create a series of online courses that would deliver my content to more advisors at a price point that advisors at any stage of their career could afford.  This course is the first of many interconnected courses created to teach you how to run a smart business that will have a more positive impact on your clients!


So, let’s get started.



Online Course

for Intentional Advisors

This course has been designed to give you everything you need to truly connect and get hired by the right clients - often in the first meeting.


The Discovery EXPERIENCE will transform the way you connect with potential clients and build a foundation for deeper, more meaningful relationships with them. The result of this is that you become the resource your client has been looking for and you develop personal and professional trust – and a client you will have for years to come.


Four video training modules


INTRODUCTION: I will introduce you to The Intentional Advisor and share with you how important The Discovery EXPERIENCE is in differentiating your practice and helping you build your practice with PURPOSE and on purpose. I will also to through an overview of the EXPERIENCE and the components of the course.


The EXPERIENCE:  I will break down The Discovery EXPERIENCE into the 5 key components and the 10 simple conversations you will need to deliver The Discovery EXPERIENCE.


LIVE DEMONSTRATION: Just like it sounds, I will role-play a full meeting with an advisor who is using The Discovery EXPERIENCE. This will alllow you to hear the kinds of responses that advisors are really getting from potentential clients.


FAQ and The Discovery CHALLENGE Bonus: I will share with you the most frequently asked questions I have received from my private consulting clients. I will explain the details of The Discovery CHALLENGE and send you out into the world ready to complete your 10 meetings!

Included Materials (sent electronically)

WORKSHEET: This printable, legal-sized worksheet will be licensed for you to use by you in your practice. The PDF will have an editable section to allow you to add any compliance disclosures you may need.

VALUES CARDS: This PDF will include 20 values to be printed on cardstock available at your office supply store.

MEETING AGENDA: This document will give you a place to capture notes beyond the scope of the worksheet and the summary of your initial thoughts on their financial situation.

SCRIPT: I know I said I don't want you following a script, but I have been at this long enough to know that you will want a framework to identify important conversations and key transitions. This script is broken down into 10 simple, easy to follow conversations.

EMAIL TEMPLATE:  This template will allow you to quickly record your impressions from The Discovery EXPERIENCE and send them to the prospective client. This is the key to making the meeting valuable, even if they do not become a client!

All materials will be available on a Discovery EXPERIENCE password protected page.

Any changes or improvements to the course will be accessible as needed.


Did you say something about 


This Facebook group will allow advisors to come together in a private space to ask questions, share wins, and engage with me. This group will only be available to advisors enrolled in the The Discovery EXPERIENCE online course.


Sometimes when you’re trying something new, you just have to jump in with both feet! The Discovery Challenge allows you to do that, knowing that there is a safety net.  


Qualifying is simple:


  1. Complete 10 Discovery EXPERIENCE meetings.

  2. Submit documentation within 60 days.

  3. Schedule your free coaching session by emailing .


This coaching session is a $500 value and you can use that time to cover questions related to the Discovery EXPERIENCE or any other practice management topics! 


Here are your next steps:


Sign up for the course via the button below.


Receive instant access to the first module and a new module will be added each week.


Join the conversation in the private Facebook group.


Complete The Discovery Challenge and schedule your FREE 1:1 coaching session with me!

I have priced this course for NO EXCUSES! For less than the value of one ideal client, you can learn how to attract the right clients, show up as your authentic self, and get hired in the first meeting!

The Discovery EXPERIENCE completely changed the way I engage with potential clients. It allowed me to show up as my authentic self, build deeper relationships quickly, and get hired in the first meeting. If you are looking for a new way to connect and differentiate yourself, then I WELCOME YOU to The Discover EXPERIENCE Online Course!
With Purpose,

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