Do you work with groups? 


Yes!  I am a firm believer in the power of positive peer pressure and accountability in groups.  If you have a group of four or more advisors who would like to work with The Intentional Advisor, we will work with you to create a study-group or group training.   Each group is unique, so you will need to contact us at to work out the details.


I already have an initial meeting process.


The Discovery EXPERIENCE is not the only valid, meaningful emotionally engaging initial meeting process out there.  If you currently have an initial meeting process, I would ask you the following questions:

  1. Is your process intentionally designed and documented or are you winging it?

  2. Does your process keep the focus on the client 80%+ of the time or are you spending most of the time pitching something…product, your investment philosophy, your firm?

  3. Does your process address client fears, explore their values, document their short and long-term goals and their resources?

  4. Is your process designed to be of value, whether or not they become a client?

  5. Does your process develop trust and understanding?


If you answered yes to all of the above questions, then you probably don't need to buy this course!  Seriously!  If you are doing something that is effective, professional, and develops a deep connection, then keep going!  The world needs more advisors doing just that.

My clients aren't interested in talking about their feelings.


There was a time that I thought this was true.  I was in the Army prior to becoming an advisor and I was not comfortable going there myself!  But the truth is that human beings crave understanding.  I can't tell you how many times I have sat in front of a male engineer and told myself that he probably doesn't want to "go there," only to end up handing him a box of tissues halfway through. 


Potential clients think we are in the numbers business, but we are actually in the business of understanding people, helping them clarify what they want, encouraging them to accomplish it, and managing their emotions along the way. 


I designed The Discovery EXPERIENCE to be easy to execute for the advisor and to allow the client to go as deep as he or she wants to go.   There are no awkward pregnant pauses when the client doesn't give the "right answer."  The Discovery EXPERIENCE Values Cards make it easy and fun to talk about goals and planning - they really take the risk out of having these deep conversations.  People want to be understood and if you develop even a basic proficiency in having this conversation, potential clients will feel a deep trust and connection with you right away.



Other advisors I know aren't using The Discovery EXPERIENCE.


You’re right - not everyone in the industry is engaging in an emotionally significant initial experience and that creates an opportunity for YOU!  Potential clients who are interviewing multiple firms will experience multiple initial meetings; this means that your meeting will stand out as COMPLETELY different than almost every other advisor.  I can't tell you how many times I've sat with someone who told me upfront that they were "shopping” only to have them commit to becoming a client at the end of the first meeting.  


Bottom line? The Discovery EXPERIENCE is a huge differentiator in a marketplace of advisors all doing about the same thing!


That is a lot of money.


When I sat down to create this course I struggled with setting a price.  I wanted to charge enough so that advisors would feel the investment and follow through, but not so much that every single advisor who wanted to participate couldn't afford it. 


Let’s take a look at the long-term value you’re getting for the price:  The Discovery EXPERIENCE will allow to you easily connect deeper with potential clients and determine who is a good fit for your practice quickly, thereby saving you time by removing people who won’t value your expertise. 

This course is also perfect for those who are or want to charge financial planning fees. Now you have the tools to do it by completing the training and having unlimited use of all materials! 


I know that most advisors, like myself, aren't used to buying courses online.  However, as business owners we have to invest in ourselves and our practices; if we don’t, we’re not growing with the industry and differentiating ourselves from everyone else.


I don't know if my broker-dealer will allow it.


The Discovery EXPERIENCE has, to my knowledge, never been rejected by a broker-dealer.  It is an outline of a meaningful conversation with a potential client that does not make any promissory statements or product specific recommendations and it is designed to allow you to add any required disclosures. 


The only way I could see a broker-dealer rejecting it is if they have a proprietary initial meeting that they require from their advisors, i.e. a captive broker-dealer.  I will make this commitment to you; if you purchase this course and it turns out your broker-dealer will not approve The Discovery EXPERIENCE, I will refund your purchase price.   Email me at if you run into any issues.


What if I don't like it? 


The Discovery EXPERIENCE is delivered to you electronically immediately upon payment.  Because all value is received upfront, we don't offer refunds.  However, we want you to be happy, so if there are extenuating circumstances, let us know!

How long will it take?

The Discovery EXPERIENCE Online Course is a guided four week self-study course.  You will get instant access to the INTRODUCTION Module and course materials in your course portal.  Every seven days, you will receive a new training until you have access to all 4 modules.  After that, you will have evergreen access to the course material. I encourage you to jump right in a take advantage of The Discovery Challenge to earn a free coaching session with me. You have 60 days from date of purchase to hold and document 10 Discovery EXPERIENCES with anyone in your life to earn that free coaching session.

Now that you have read through everything (probably a couple of times) it is time to get going!  It's your turn to choose to build your practice WITH purpose and ON purpose by incorporating The Discovery EXPERIENCE into your practice!

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