Delivering on the 



Streamline your practice with high-value client service models.

Delivering on the Promise 


Don't have confidence that you consistently deliver high-value comprehensive planning.

Struggle to succinctly explain what you do to new clients.

Are worried about fee compression on investment management.

Want to start charging planning fees, but don't know how to deliver advice.

Want to be prepared for the industry evolution away from product toward advice.

Are getting concerned about current clients questioning the value you bring.

Want to run an efficient and profitable BUSINESS that does great work in the world.

You want to work with clients who have not yet accumulated significant assets…Millennials, H.E.N.R.Ys (High Earner Not Rich Yet).

One of my biggest fears as a financial advisor has always been not delivering on a promise that I made.  In the early years, I was afraid that a client would turn to me and say, "I've paid you this much and what have you really done for me!?"


Every time a client hires me, I feel like I have made a promise.  A promise to help them clarify their fears, values and dreams.  A promise to help them understand how to accomplish their goals and a promise to walk with them step-by-step toward their goals.  

No one taught me how to keep this promise. They taught me how to SELL the client, how to get the check, but they didn't teach me how to actually deliver on that promise over time.

I went looking for answers.  As soon as I was eligible, I got my CFP® designation.  I thought that surely the highest level designation for personal financial planning would teach me how to run a business that delivers.  But it didn't. 


I spent tens of thousands of dollars with a firm that promised to teach me how to deliver comprehensive financial planning.  I learned a lot and got really good at the front end…but still, understanding the back-end was elusive. 


I came to the realization that no one was going to answer this question for me.  I had to answer it for myself.



How can I deliver a high-value, client-centric,

comprehensive financial planning EXPERIENCE?


Over the next decade or so, I built the framework and refined the process I use today.  I took the framework that I learned in the CFP® courses, built my own front-end EXPERIENCE and went about building a system to deliver comprehensive financial planning to my clients.


This process is what I will teach in the

Delivering on the Promise Online Course.


Not only will I open kimono and show you, in detail, my initial and annual client service models, but I will give you all the tools you need to build your own customized client EXPERIENCE!


I built the course that I wish I had back in 2004 when I was starting out and it won't cost you tens of thousands of dollars to learn and implement!

So, let's get started.

With Purpose,

At The Intentional Advisor, we are all about building your practice with PURPOSE and on PURPOSE.  "With PURPOSE" means that your business does meaningful work and has a positive impact on the world.  "On PURPOSE" is about running your practice like a business, not by accident.


Delivering on the Promise will give you everything you need to over-deliver to your clients and have a positive impact on their lives through the advice you give them.  It will also teach you how to look at your practice like a business and build client service models that will allow you to be efficient and profitable. 

You can both serve your clients and add to your own bottom-line with one efficient process!



Through this course, The Intentional Advisor will give you everything you need to build a high-value, client-centric, comprehensive financial planning EXPERIENCE. Here's what we'll do together:

1.  Document what your Dream Practice looks like.

2.  Define your Ideal Client and what comprehensive financial planning looks like for them.

3.  Articulate your value proposition for your specific ideal client.

4.  Build your initial client service model process for new clients.

5.  Build your annual client service model to provide on-going value.

6.  Create client service models for every level of client in your practice.

7.  Determine your fee-structure for each client service model.

8.  Standardize agendas and worksheets for every meeting.

9.  Create branded email templates for every meeting.

When you are done, you will be able to clearly articulate WHAT you do for WHO and exactly HOW you will serve them once they hire you.


You will have complete confidence in your ability to

Deliver on the Promise for every client!


Lucila Williams?

After  years of one-on-one consulting with practices throughout the country, I realized that I just can't work with every single advisor who wants help; I run my own practice and there just isn't enough of me to go around.  Since then, I have been working to take the exact same material I have been using with my consulting clients and turn it into a series of lower-cost online courses. 

My goal is to make these tools available to advisors of every experience level and every phase of their career. 

The Intentional Advisor movement has already begun and advisors all over the country and even  a few internationally are starting to build their practices with PURPOSE and on PURPOSE!


I hope you will join me for Delivering on the Promise and begin your journey to delivering a high-value, client-centric, comprehensive financial planning EXPERIENCE.


With Purpose,



MODULE 1 - Dream Practice

You can't build your practice with PURPOSE and on PURPOSE if you have not explored what your Dream Practice looks like.  Why are you an advisor?  What life and business do you desire to create?  Who are you uniquely prepared to serve?  The answers to these questions will become a foundation for the rest of the work you will do throughout this course.

MODULE 2 - Action Plan-Qualitative

Now that you have a vision of the practice you want to create, let's break it down.  In this module, we will go in-depth into WHO you serve, WHY they should work with you, exactly WHAT you will do for them and HOW MUCH it will cost them.  By completing this module, you will have identified your Ideal Client, Value Proposition, Client Service Model and Fee Structure.

MODULE 3 - Action Plan-Quantitative

As a business person, you have to take a hard look at the numbers.  In this module, you will learn to break down your practice into the key numbers by answering these questions: How many clients can I serve?  How much revenue will my practice generate at maximum capacity.  How much of that will I actually take home after paying for overhead?  And finally, how much might my practice be worth when the day comes to sell it?  Once you know these numbers for yourself, you can begin the journey of building your practice on PURPOSE.

MODULE 4 - Implementation Tools

If this is all sounding really difficult to implement, fear not!  I will give you the tools to streamline your practice with Agendas, Worksheets and Email Templates.  If you do the work up-front, your practice can run like a well-oiled machine.  As a bonus, I'll make this even easier by providing you with all of our templates in an editable format!

MODULE 5 - Tips, Tricks and FAQ's

Throughout the course you will be able to ask questions through the course platform and the Facebook group.  I will compile those questions into a concise FAQ to make sure everyone in the group gets the benefit of those answers.  As a bonus, I will also outline how you can earn a FREE coaching session by submitting fully completed workbooks!


VIDEOS - $1500 Value

Over five hours of training with slides and video of Lucila walking you through every component of this course.

MATERIALS - $1500 Value

Course Manual: This manual includes completed examples of every component of the course.

Four Course Workbooks: These four workbooks will walk you step by step through the process of creating your own high-value, client centric, comprehensive financial planning EXPERIENCE.

Presentation Slides: You will get all of the slides from Lucila's videos to facilitate easy note-taking.

SUPPORT - $1000 Value

Interactive forum: hosted on your private course dashboard.

Facebook Group: An active, closed group on Facebook dedicated to advisors taking the Delivering on the Promise course. Ask questions, share wins, and receive more guidance from Lucila!




Editable Materials: EDITABLE Agendas, Worksheets and Email Templates (MS Word), so you don't have to start from scratch.

Coaching: Earn a FREE one hour one-on-one coaching session with Lucila by submitting all 4 completed workbooks!

BONUS VALUE = $1000 

This is the same material that I deliver in my consulting work with advisors for over $5k.

You're receiving it for 75% OFF!


Change my Practice


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You will be guided to create a log-in for your private course dashboard.


Log-in to your dashboard, watch the introduction video and download the course materials!

The course will go live for the first time on July 9th, 2018.

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"Excellent material. I got a lot out of creating templates, agendas and tools to increase efficiency. And I love Lucila's passion around the topic!"

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