"Live life as though everything is rigged in your favor." 


This game we call running a business is first and foremost a mind game. Winning this game requires overcoming fears, insecurities, set-backs and remaining optimistic in the face of challenges.  

Imagine if we all lived life as though it were rigged in our favor; how would it change the ease with which we navigated this game? 

What if the web-designer who let you down was really a blessing because it made you realized that you hold the key to your online messaging within yourself.  

What if financial struggles you encountered early in your business became the perspective through which you were able to empathize with your clients and help them overcome their challenges? 

What if your Office Manager's baby coming six weeks early taught you a vital lesson about redundancy ? 

What if every setback and every challenge was put in your way to help you along your way? 


What if the universe WAS actually conspiring on your behalf? 


What if it WAS all rigged in your favor!?  

Would knowing that it was all working out for your benefit change the way that you view challenges in real time?  

I can tell you that it has affected my own perspective immensely! I have been doing this a long time and I just like many advisors, I have walked uphill both ways in the snow…barefoot! But, it has always been working out in my favor! I can now see that, looking back on my career, even when I couldn't see it at the time.  

Now when I face a challenge, I am able to take it much more in stride because I know in the end it is all working out for me! 

How would your experience as a business owner change by recognizing that "everything is rigged in your favor?" 


With Purpose,




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