TIP 1 




Financial Advisors are a dime a dozen at networking events.  If you join BNI or the Chamber, it is going to be really hard for you to stand out. So, rather than joining a pre-existing networking group, start your own!  


The benefits are: 


  • You will be showcased all the time as the leader . 
  • You can create a theme to match your ideal client community: women, business owners, etc.  
  • You will develop a stable of trusted partners to refer your clients to.   


Founding a networking group did wonders for my business and it is the only place I have ever gotten consistent referrals from other business people. 



TIP 2 




This tip is based on someone I know.  She is as super connector. What I mean is that she views it as part of her job to make high-quality introductions to business people to help them solve their mutual problems  


  • She is always looking for opportunities to connect.  
  • She is always curious to learn about everyone’s biz to facilitate connections.
  • She caries a notepad around to document needed introductions . 
  • She follows through to make sure the introductions happen.   


Everyone has immense loyalty to her.  She has solved a problem or two for just about everyone.  She is the most influential person to have on your team.  


Curious what she does for a living?  She sells eye-glasses…and everyone buys them from her, because she has earned their business! 



TIP 3 




Here's a question you should ask yourself: "Can someone hire you for advice without buying investments or other products from your firm?“  


Teach everyone you know this question and its significance. Teach all of your COI’s and your clients this question. It will illustrate what is different about YOU!  


Most “advisors” are actually investment or insurance salespeople. You cannot hire them for advice alone. If you are an Intentional Advisor, which I hope you are, you are advice-based; this means that every relationship starts with advice for a fee and then implementation as needed.  


As a result, you can answer the key question with a resounding YES! “Yes, someone can hire me for advice. All of my clients start advice-only and then we implement different aspects of their plan as needed.” 


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