August 9, 2019

When I hear someone talking about wanting to help me “close”, “overcome objections” or “disturb”, I know they are not MY people.

Salesman do those things, but professionals don’t.

You might say, but what’s the big deal, that’s just how they describe getting hired!?  But...

August 8, 2019

My husband recently sent me this post from Instagram.  Of course I laughed and then I thought to myself, how sad is this?

It is totally true!

School teaches us so many things, but it doesn’t teach us even the basics of how to function as adults in the world. 

-We are lega...

August 2, 2019

I was at the doctor’s office this week.  I am fortunate to be very healthy, so I am seldom there.  As I went through the process of a thorough check-up, I thought about how many things we Advisors could learn from an HMO.

First of all, I wasn’t there because I was sick...

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