June 26, 2019

I spent the day talking about Advice-based Planning to a fantastic group of advisors.  They are all committed to offering advice for a fee to their clients, for all the right reasons.  Some in the group have a lot of experience offering advice and others are new to the...

June 25, 2019

As I sit here in frustration and sadness at the state of the world, I come back to the only thing I know how to do…try to make a positive impact in my tiny corner of the world, in my little area of expertise. 

-I can't stop gun violence in our schools.

-I can't make our...

June 18, 2019

Often times the loudest voice and the most charismatic character in the room wins the day.  But that doesn’t mean they are right…

I am going to assume that you have encountered some Dave Ramsey devotees in your journey as a financial advisor.  The client, or potential c...

June 18, 2019

The world doesn’t need just another financial advisor selling insurance and investments, it needs advisors on a mission to use financial planning as a tool to help change people’s lives!

I dare you to try to find a networking group that doesn’t already have multiple “Fi...

June 16, 2019

I remember back in 2008 when I was studying my CFP® exam, I was surprised by the fact that after the initial planning process, the rest of the client service model was encapsulated neatly in one word, “monitor.”

While it looks good in a flow-chart, it does not provide s...

June 2, 2019

I do believe that makes ten! Ten fee-paying clients in three months, with ease and flow.

Those aren’t my results. They are Myra’s.

Let me tell you, Myra is the embodiment of an Intentional Advisor. She went independent about two years ago and has struggled to grow her pr...

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