"I am an entrepreneur, Financial Advisor, speaker, writer and a tiny bit of a philanthropist who is obsessed with how things in business work and what we can do to make them easier."
Lucila Williams, CFP®


The Intentional Advisor

The Intentional Advisor was born out of the realization that many Financial Advisors, even some very financially successful ones, don't seem to share my ability to clarify and systematize the business of financial advice. 


I have been sharing my processes with fellow advisors for years because I not only enjoy working with clients, it's also important to me to be of service to those who work in my field. By creating The Intentional Advisor, I not only help my colleagues build a more meaningful and fulfilling practice, I ensure a better experience for many clients...even those outside of my own business.

My Background

Like many advisors, I took a circuitous route to get here.  I was a Korean linguist in the U.S. Army, a back-up receptionist at a for profit college, a personal trainer, a mortgage broker,  captive Financial Advisor and finally an independent Financial Advisor.

These jobs might seem disparate, but there is a trend. I started the most controlled and structured environment in our whole country, the U.S. Army,  and from there I kept reaching for more and more independence.  If I look back very early in my life, it was clear that I would be an entrepreneur.  I didn't know the details, but I knew that I would one day run my own business.
My Business
I am an entrepreneur first and a financial advisor second.

I am the founder of LOTUS Financial Partners, an advice-based comprehensive financial planning practice in Denver, CO.  I am the Chairwoman of The WISE Group - an industry group to support women in financial services.  I am also the founder of Graceful Transitions, a Denver networking group focused on serving women in transition.  I am the emcee and logistics coordinator for the Walk for Sudan and a board member of the Nuba Water Project. 


I enjoy speaking on a variety of subjects that range from service projects to business topics and writing for various websites and publications.

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